Participants of the 2015 “Ari Tun” Program: “The “Ari Tun” Program helped us “become sisters””

Vani Attarian and Kalli Margarian are from Aleppo and are participating in the 2015 “Ari Tun” Program of the RA Ministry of Diaspora. They moved to Armenia due to the war in Syria, but hope peace is reestablished so that they can return to their hometown. They always remember Aleppo and the fun and carefree days that they have spent there. When they came to Armenia, they didn’t have any problems with communicating with people. They quickly adapted to the environment, and they have good relations with their classmates.

The girls will remember the “Ari Tun” Program for a long time. The following is what they said about the program: “We knew each other in Aleppo, but we had never had the chance to spend time together. This program helped us become so close that we were together the whole time. It’s safe to say that the “Ari Tun” Program helped us “become sisters”.”

Vani used to play basketball in Aleppo and plans on playing again in Armenia. Kalli dreams of becoming a journalist and says she will do everything she can to turn her dream into a reality.

Vani learned about the “Ari Tun” Program via the Internet and got more excited when she saw the photos. She believes all young Diaspora Armenians must definitely participate in this program because it will help connect them to the Homeland.

Kalli says participating in the “Ari Tun” Program helped her learn more interesting stories about Armenia, after which she stated loving the Homeland more and feeling prouder.

“I had fun and spent memorable days that I will never forget. I’ll miss my friends that I made during this program. They are all kind and good people,” the girl said.

Gevorg Chichyan

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