Shakeh Mangasarian: “If Armenians exist, then there is a struggle to preserve the Armenian identity”

Shakeh Mangasarian, founder of the Armenian Radio AYG in the United Arab Emirates, is currently in Yerevan.

Established in 2011 as a non-profit organization, Radio AYG is an online Armenian radio station that stays true to its policy and mission, and that mission is to establish and maintain relations between Armenia and the Diaspora. Today Shakeh Mangasarian was a guest at Radiolur radio station.

An online Armenian radio station broadcasts in the largest city of the United Arab Emirates with only a 5 percent Christian population. Shakeh Mangasarian of Aleppo came up with the idea of creating an Armenian radio station in Dubai.

Shakeh Mangasarian faced quite huge obstacles to popularize Armenia and Armenian culture in the United Arab Emirates and can now proudly say that the online Armenian radio station has accomplished its main mission, that is, preservation of the Armenian identity.

Throughout the past four years of its existence, Radio AYG has also made great contributions to the establishment and maintenance of relations between Armenia and the Diaspora. The programs aired on this radio station include news, political, religious and cultural programs, interviews, as well as broadcasts of Armenian folk songs, songs of Armenian troubadours and Armenian and world classical music.

However, the main feature is that the radio station is a non-profit organization and doesn’t have any expectations. This is what founder of Radio AYG Shakeh Mangasarian said in an interview with Radiolur.

It should be mentioned that not only is Radio AYG loyal to its listeners, but also the listeners are loyal to their beloved radio station. The programs are aired only in Armenian, and this helps Diaspora Armenians preserve the mother language.

Shakeh Mangasarian and the staff at Radio AYG were received by RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan yesterday. Praising the Armenian radio station’s efforts for preservation of the Armenian identity and dissemination of national values, the minister granted the representatives of Radio AYG the award that the radio station received in the Best Publication Ahead of the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide category during the awards for notable contributions to preservation of the Armenian identity.

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