Belgian HR Foreign Relations Committee votes for Armenian Genocide resolution

On July 7, the Foreign Relations Committee of the House of Representatives of Belgium voted for the draft of the resolution on Armenian Genocide recognition submitted by the Belgian government. This is what press correspondent of the Armenian National Committee of Europe Bedo Demirdjian said in an interview with “Armenpress”.

“There were several proposals, but the draft submitted by the government and the coalition party was the one that was selected. The draft resolution will also be put up for a vote during the plenary session of the House of Representatives,” Demirdjian mentioned, adding that the day of the vote has not been set yet. Three oppositional parties had also submitted draft resolutions.

The selected draft resolution recognizes and condemns the Armenian Genocide of 1915, calls on Turkey and Armenia to seek ways for reconciliation and praises the statement by Prime Minister of Belgium Charles Michel, by which the head of the Belgian government recognized the Armenian Genocide in parliament. Touching upon his position on the Armenian Genocide, Michel declared the following: “Our position has always been clear. The Armenian Genocide did take place. There can’t be two opinions on that.”

In 1998, the Upper Chamber (Senate) of the Parliament of Belgium passed a resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide.

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