“Ari Tun” 2013: “I’ll take with me the water of Garni”

On July 13, the participants of the third stage of the 2013 “Ari Tun” Program for homeland recognition of Diaspora Armenian youth, charmed by the beautiful sites in Armenia, shared their impressions during a tour in Aparan and expressed their love and longing for the homeland with songs and dances.

Ani Hayrapetyan, 13, Georgia

“I’m visiting Armenia for the first time. There are no such beautiful sites like these in any other country. I will take with me the water of Garni. I arrived in Armenia on Vardavar Day, and I loved the holiday so much that I plan on visiting the homeland every year on that day.”

Sali Asi, 19, Israel

“None of my family members has been to the homeland after the Armenian Genocide. Today, I’m proud to be in Armenia because I have fulfilled the dream of my parents and grandparents.”

Aret Demir, 18, Germany

“Yerevan is beautiful at night. Everything in Armenia is beautiful. Our ladies are beautiful, and I plan on getting married in the homeland.”

Hasmig Kalaijian, 22, Israel

“In Armenia we feel at home, safe and sound. The “Ari Tun” Program brings all Armenians together and helps us become familiar with Armenia and Armenian culture. Coming to Armenia, I became convinced that I want to settle here.”

Eniko Zabo, 16, Romania

“Everyone greets you with smiles in Armenia. The people are very kind and always receive us cordially. I’m happy to be in the homeland.”

Arda Asi, 15, Israel

“I’m visiting Armenia, my home, my homeland for the first time ever. I admire the native land.”

The children of the host families also shared their impressions.

Astghik Petrosyan, 16

“We became friends since the very first day. We try to spend as much time as possible. I teach them Armenian every day, and we have a lot to learn from each other.”

Harutyun Khublaryan, 15

“I’ve become very close with Aret. It’s very interesting with him. He creates unique paintings, each of which has a story behind it, and Aret tells me those stories every day.”

Anna Shashijyan, 17

“Our family has been hosting the participants of the “Ari Tun” Program for the past two years, and this time the participants are from Georgia once again. We have become very close with all of them, and we don’t want them to leave us.”

Marianna Ananyan



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