Radio Gomidas is marking its 80th anniversary

It was on the 18th of August of 1935 when a group of young friends were coming up with a crazy idea and were taking the initiative to start an Armenian radio show. Taking into consideration the fact that the great Armenian composer, Komitas Vardapet had died that same year, they “anointed” the radio show with his name.

The major goal of those youth people with clear and idealist principles was to preserve the Armenian language and traditions through Radio Gomidas, as well as disseminate information about the importance of the Armenian Cause and the Armenians’ rights through the radio show to not only Armenians, but also the locals.

After 80 years, Radio Gomidas, which is the first Armenian radio show in the Armenian Diaspora, continues to carry out its pro-national activities with the same motivation, the same will and the same goal, that is, to serve the supreme interests of all Armenians, keeping the centuries-old Armenian culture alive and, most importantly, fighting to help Armenians preserve their national identity abroad and supporting the just cause of the Armenians.

During its daily programs that are broadcast 365 days a year, Radio Gomidas has reached several milestones that it has crossed and has reached its current position by undergoing trials and tribulations.

Throughout the years, Radio Gomidas has slowly established contacts with different Armenian communities of the Diaspora and has created a network of partners and employees who have provided various kinds of materials, recordings and have transferred songs and music. When the conditions in the Mother Homeland became more favorable, Radio Gomidas also established contacts with Armenia.

Today, a new door has opened for Radio Gomidas. The Internet provides us with many opportunities, and we have started taking advantage of the best opportunities.

In January 2005, on the occasion of its 70th anniversary, Radio Gomidas made one of its greatest achievements as it began to broadcast for all Armenians in the Mother Homeland and around the world via the Internet.

This new milestone is both difficult, but also pleasant and is helping us establish our contacts with every community, receiving and transferring information, interesting data and getting closer to the near and distant communities, receiving information about issues of interest of the nation and pro-national activities on a daily basis.

Throughout the 80 years of the existence of Radio Gomidas, this milestone is the greatest gift for us. We are proud to say that Radio Gomidas is a pan-Armenian radio show that is broadcast in four corners of the globe.

Before ending this short story about Radio Gomidas, let us add that since its creation, the radio show, that is, the official mouthpiece of the ARF-D Vramyan Club, has stayed true to its mission and calling to serve all Armenians and the Mother Homeland ideally, with the goal to disseminate the national ideology, bearing in mind the supreme interests of our nation and the struggle for the Armenian Cause.

This is how Radio Gomidas developed and continues its sincere efforts, the sacred task that is the burden on its shoulders until the accomplishment of our ultimate goals.

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