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Hayern Aysor (www.hayernaysor.am), a trilingual electronic newspaper of the Ministry of Diaspora (East and West-Armenian, English, Russian), updated in May 2011, operates under the direct supervision of the Ministry, being its main means of mass media.

Being true to the calling to life the motto of the Ministry of Diaspora “Repatriation, Preservation of Armenians” with its publications «Hayern Aysor» seeks to become a reliable source of information for the Diaspora, and the Armenian reader , to present documented information from a wide range of spheres of the Armenian Diaspora, cooperating with cultural, scientific, educational institutions in Armenia and Diaspora, pan-Armenian organizations, with communities of the Armenian Diaspora and individual journalists.

The policy of «Hayern Aysor» is to present Armenians living in different countries of the world, with their everyday life, problems and challenges they face, but with a vision of life in Armenia.

«Hayern Aysor» is a platform on which our compatriots, who reached the heights in the communities of the Armenian Diaspora and foreign countries, tell their success stories.

Heroes of «Hayern Aysor» are architects, scientists, teachers, artists, musicians, community figures, clear and simple people, firmly rooted in Armenian roots, who live thousands of kilometers away from Armenia, but they always look towards the homeland.

«Hayern Aysor»  reports about the returnees who chose Armenia as the safest place of residence, who preferred the difficulties of the homeland to a comfortable life in foreign countries where there is no Armenian spirit and Armenian bright colors.

«Hayern Aysor» is the meeting place, which gives an opportunity to the Armenians of different communities of Diaspora to get acquainted with the activities of each other. A work that is possible only due to cohesive and organized activities, which e-newspaper is striving for. The goal is to serve not only as a platform for acquaintance with the work of the Diaspora and Armenian, but also to be the most informative and meaningful.

Thanks for reading «Hayern Aysor» (www.hayernaysor.am).

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Address: Yerevan, st. V. Sargsyan 3

Phone: + (374/10) 530938, (374/10) 58-56-01, 58-56-02, internal number – 702, (+374/11) 73-07-20

Email address: [email protected]


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